Find out about the types of places you can study at in Auckland, from state-owned schools and universities to language schools and private institutes.

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Choose from a wide range of tertiary courses at one of Auckland’s three universities. These public universities offer courses at undergraduate (bachelor or entry-level degrees) and postgraduate level (higher degrees and research).

Institutes of technology and polytechnics

Find a variety of vocational training (hands-on and industry-specific) and applied education courses at our state-owned institutes of technology and polytechnics. Many qualifications are equivalent in merit to a university course.

Private tertiary institutes

Get qualified for a career in a specialist industry at a private Auckland training establishment. Our private tertiary institutes must legally register with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, so course curriculums and academic standards are in line with national standards.

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English language schools

Improve your English at one of Auckland’s English language schools. Most of these schools have flexible start dates throughout the year and offer tailored courses for all levels and abilities.

Secondary schools

Gain a quality education with internationally recognised qualifications. Secondary schools in Auckland are for students aged 13 to 19 (Years 9 to 13) and most are state-owned. Private and integrated (half-state funded) schools may be single-sex or affiliated to a particular religion.

Primary and intermediate schools

Mostly state-owned, Auckland’s primary and intermediate schools (or middle schools) cater for students aged 5 to 12 (Years 1 to 8). Our school year runs February to December and covers four 10-week terms, with two-week breaks between them.

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