Hey, Anny here! One of your Auckland Student Ambassadors.

I got to try the new Gongcha series a few days ago and wanted to share my thoughts on the series. This new line of drinks is a marriage of chocolate and strawberry, so I’m sure that there’s something for everyone!

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Strawberry Oreo Earl Grey Smoothie

This is one of my favourite drinks from the series. The fresh strawberry balances out the richness from the cookies and cream flavour of this icy drink. The slushy texture is addicting to sip on as there are a variety of textures from the strawberry, Oreo chunks and the crunchy ice.

Strawberry Chocolate Earl Grey Milk Tea

The chocolate flavour goes well with the earl grey tea, and the sweetness of the strawberry balances the light bitter flavour of this drink. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a great drink for you!

Strawberry Chocolate Earl Grey Smoothie

Contrasting to the Oreo smoothie that has a mixture of textures, this slushy is smooth and provides a refreshing kick to your day. 

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Strawberry Passion Fruit Earl Grey with White Pearl

I enjoyed this one very much for its fresh and fruity flavour with the lovely white pearls. I’d definitely get this drink often!


As a veteran bubble tea drinker, I have to say, the number of times I ordered white pearls are very rare. But every time I get it, I enjoy the squishy, crunchy yet chewy texture of the pearls! (Come on. Crunchy AND chewy? nothing can beat that!)

Strawberry Earl Grey Milk Tea with Pearls

If you have not ventured into the bubble tea world very much, this is a great starter to expand your bubble tea journey. This drink is not too far away from your classic milk tea with pearls, but the fresh hints of strawberry adds to the rich flavour profile.

Whether you like something icy, chewy or fresh; without a doubt there’s something for everyone! Huge thanks to Gongcha for allowing me to review these amazing drinks! Looking forward to drinking waaay more bubble tea in the future!

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